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Cruis nestles on the south side of the Montagne de Lure (1827m) an east west ridge that rises out of the Durance valley close to Sisteron runs almost due west to give it’s sommet slightly to our north west, before continuing in a series of summets  and cols to eventually join the Mt Ventoux range, which can be clearly seen from the Lure. It has a gentle well wooded southern slope and a very steep, cooler northern slope. The Lure was  well known for it’s herbalists, giving rise to both alcoholic sustenance as well as medicinal and perfumed conncotions, indeed the famous L’occitane company has one of it’s lavender distilleries just along the way and there is a fine alcoholic distillery in Forcalquier.


The mountain offers excellent recreational activities. Walking, mountain biking, horse riding are all easily possible. It is dotted with old “Jas” -shepherds shelters and is a main route to the pastures of the “transhumance”. In Spring it is a carpet of wild flowers (many of which I hardly remember seeing in UK- snakeshead fritillaries being one of my particular delights), in the autumn it is an abundant mushrooming haunt, with plenty of ceps, but beware you share it with locals and Marseillaises. The woods are also plentiful in game - Several breeds of deer, wild boar, partridge, hares and some pheasant. I have seen the largest herd of Chamois that I have ever seen on the “Sommet de l’Homme”.

Paths are almost endless and even in the summer can provide cool shade, however it also has a road up to a col and down into the North side and the Jabron valley, thus allowing everyone to enjoy the cool windy ridge, athletically or not.

Montagne de Lure
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