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Les Domaines is situated in one of the least populated areas of France, surrounded by wooded hills and mountains and one of the best ways to enjoy the area is to walk…using the local traditional method of a donkey to do the donkey work!

Donkeys are not speedy creatures, so the pace is completely unhurried. The slopes on our south side of the mountain are very gentle and wooded (shade in the summer is very important). The views over the Durance valley can be stunning. We have put together several ways for you to enjoy this relaxing experience.

A simple day out walking up to “Notre Dame de Lure” an old monastery set in  a clearing in the woods. It makes an ideal picnic spot under shady spreading trees, with a cooling spring of refreshing water. Bébane the donkey carries all we need for a sumptuous Gallic picnic – a chance to sample the true flavours of the “terroir” in a very Provencal setting. 25euros pp

A chance to sleep out under the stars - a two day tour with a night out in the open. This takes in one of our surrounding villages, where there is always the chance of an ice cold beer in passing and lunch at the bistro. The trip is part wooded and part open country with a wonderful sleeping spot on a little promontory  with spectacular views of the surrounding country side. The night sky is one of the least polluted in Europe and lying in ones sleeping bag watching the stars appear and searching for shooting stars is an enduring favourite of mine- I only wish I knew more of the constellations. Bébane again does most of the donkey work ably assisted by the dogs who have their own back packs. 60euros pp

We tailor make an extended trip on the Lure to suit you. The price is dependant on the route and accommodation.


Montagne de Lure
Gorges de Regalon
St. Etienne
Gorges du Verdon
Walking with Donkeys

Walking With Donkeys
















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